Winery tour with wine tasting and food pairing.
Santa Vittoria farm there is something to suit every taste..

Wine tastingDrink and learn! Taste and learn the basic characteristics that make up your favourite wine styles at this Santa Vittoria Sommelier led wine and food experience. The tour offers a tasting and tutorial about a style of wine made at Santa Vittoria Farm, its characteristics and what went into the making of it.

#1 Winery tour basic:

 visit to the winery and a wine tasting. The visit path is about the wine process from the vineyards to the glass including the secret of Santavittoria! Duration: 1 hour

In add to the basic tour you can choose from a rich variety of experiences from tasting out in the vineyard to learning the art of pairing wine and food or learn the way to do an harvest.

#2Winery tour + trekking: 

before visiting the winery and a wine tasting, we do a soft trkking around the farm around in the vineyards and olives grows. The trek path will include the Scannagallo Battlefield and Santa Vittoria temple made by Vasari. The trek will start and finish at the winery including winery visit and wine tasting. Duration: 2 hours

#3Winery tour + trekking + wine and food pairing:

In add to the activities described above, you will have a wine pairing with local food. Duration: 4 hours

#4Winery tour + trekking + cooking class + wine and food pairing: 

You wish to spend one day with us and learn some secret more about Santa Vittoria? Book for the full immersion tour including also a cooking class. Duration: 6 hours

#5Customize your tour:

ask if you want to modify our tours. We’ll be glad to customize them with you.

The winery is open every day

Contact us for booking or if you wish to customize your experience.