Truffle and wine

Truffle hunting and winery visit. An easy walk and truffle hunting in the farm including a winery visit with wine tasting.

Truffle trekking

Truffle hunting in the wild wood. A trekking with truffle hunting allow you to explore unusual part of Tuscany

Made to measure

Personal customized truffle hunting. If you have any special request or wish, try to ask us for a cutomized tour.


a unique, unforgettable experience!

lagotto romagnoloWhat is a truffle? Truffles exist in a symbiotic relationship with certain species of trees, growing around the roots when the soil quality, temperature and moisture are just right. We organize private truffle forays — led by me and my trained, experienced truffle dogs Nedo and Brezza  — for digging delecious, rare truffles.


Happy guest with truffleWhere and when you can do it? Truffle forays are available all over the year, apart May. Truffle varieties are seasonal and based on a specific harvest calendar. Our two-to-four hour forays can accommodate single parties or groups of up to eight. Forays can take place on our farm or in the wild forest land, located throughout our farm, extending all over Tuscany. We have gained permission and licence from Tuscan state  and we are fully insured, as trekking licenced Tuscan guide (GAE), for these outdoor activities.  

Truffle trekking group in front of Calcione hamletTruffle hunting in the forest In contrast with the farm truffle hunting, the wild truffle trekking could take place in heavily canopied Mediterranean forests but that’s a nice way to discover some beautiful part of Tuscany. Participants should be prepared for cool, wet or warm weather and bring gear and footwear appropriate for tramping through all kind of terrain. Rubberized gardening style gloves are highly recommended — truffle gathering means the opportunity to work your hands in forest soils. If you don’t have gloves, we will be happy to provide them. We are pleased to offer a number of deluxe gourmand foray packages, including privately prepared meals by us with local, fresh and seasonal ingredients. These will include:

  • Privately prepared multiple course dinner, featuring fresh wild truffles, with pur wine pairings.
  • Winery tours and tastings.
  • Rustic, yet elegant truffled meal, prepared by us outdoors, amongst the wood trees or in an ancient castle couryard and served to you after your truffle hunt. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

We’re available all over the year for truffle hunting.

Choice yours  below:

Truffle and Wine

Truffle hunting in the forest

Truffle hunting in your place and customized

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